PEN Wiltshire Property Meeting

is  on Tuesday 29th November

At Stanton Manor, near junction 17 of the M4 motorway, 6:30pm registration tea and coffee for a 7pm Start . 

Speakers are:  

Paul Fabian , Kevin Morgan , Paula Cayless  & Neil Stewart is your Host    

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Come to and join other like minded people with little to vast amounts of knowledge of property investing in the UK .

Our Meetings are unique in the way we support , encourage and help everyone who wants it with whatever they need.

Paul Fabian  

“a different take on flips”

 So not the nuts and bolts of “how to”, but rather talking through a series of case studies and highlighting the successes, struggles, peculiarities, creative aspects, financial strategies etc of each one

 Paul Fabian

My involvement in property started 12 years ago when I purchased student let in Manchester for my eldest daughter to live in whilst she was at university. This worked out well, although more by luck than judgement, but it gave me a real appetite for property as I realised that there was a passive income stream there that I could develop. A chance meeting at a friend’s birthday party in Scotland led me to get in touch with Elite Legacy
The training I received in the following months completely transformed my property business in both it’s scope and size. It gave me the confidence to know that I was doing the right thing and the knowledge that I had a fantastic team behind me to help, support and encourage me whenever they were needed. I was now confident with analysing deals and running the numbers. I was confident dealing with property professionals in all spheres, I was extremely confident approaching angel investors and above all I was having a great deal of fun doing so. My oaching programme then followed and that was what propelled my business from being very good to being great. I now have significant experience in all of the strategies and particularly enjoy developing my portfolio of multi-lets and HMOs (some of which are commercial to residential conversions), doing several flips simultaneously to provide seed capital. I am experienced in assisted sales, lease options, exchange with delayed completion and am currently in the process of developing some barns in Snowdonia National Park for residential use.


Kevin Morgan
“Legal solutions to Property problems”.
It’s not a law lecture, but will hopefully help you to identify the sort of legal issues that you could come across , and help to avoid them turning into “expensive misunderstandings”
 Kevin Morgan 
I’m mainly a property litigator, and qualified as a solicitor over 20 years ago. I’m also adept at handling professional negligence and contractual disputes. You’ll often find me handling disputes between landlords and tenants, or working on contractual property conflicts.

I have worked for a while now with property developers, landlords and the self-build community to offer advice on the sort of legal issues that can arise.

Paula Cayless

Paula is a Mortgage Broker and  property investor which means she know all about BTL properties and helps investors every day to successfully apply for mortgages  that will help them achieve the aims and cash flow required. Paula is a regular at PEN Wiltshire and we are very lucky to have such a professional and experienced broker along to help everyone. Book your seat below: