PEN Wiltshire Property Meeting

is  on Tuesday 25th October  at Stanton Manor, near junction 17 of the M4 motorway, 6:30pm registration tea and coffee for a 7pm Start . 

Come to and join other like minded people with little to vast amounts of knowledge of property investing in the UK .

Our Meetings are unique in the way we support , encourage and help everyone who wants it with whatever they need.

Speakers are: Jonathan Gittins , Mark Spolander , Paula Cayless & Neil Stewart is your Host    

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 Jonathan and Mark






Mark Spolander

is a successful entrepreneur and professional business advisor with an impressive track record of both establishing new businesses and helping organisations to achieve greater profitability. His expertise extends from business start-ups, through expansion planning to exit strategies and franchise development.

Mark brings strategic planning and project management skills to your property portfolio. He has been investing in the UK property market himself for 10 years and thus possesses a wealth of experience in sourcing investment opportunities. He is a skilled negotiator who will use his knowledge and expertise to help you to make the right decisions and to ensure that your projects are managed efficiently.


Jonathan Gittins
A natural leader, Jonathan’s drive and enthusiasm for all things property is unstoppable. His solid work ethic is the product of his early years which were spent in Papua New Guinea. There, he learnt to fish with an umbrella but more importantly the value of always being honest and reliable.
Jonathan is an extremely successful business owner and investor in his own right but now spends much of his time training and mentoring new investors. He has a wealth of experience in buy-to-let, shared occupancy and commercial to residential property conversions and particularly enjoys building relationships with investors and negotiating favourable deals.
As the owner of a successful healthcare business, Jonathan became a victim of his own success and was working a 70 hour week. Something had gone terribly wrong with his work/life balance! His life changed dramatically after attending a number of property investment training events and after reading ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. He then realised the importance of buying assets to create wealth and a passive income.
A strong family man with a cheeky sense of humour, Jonathan enjoys family life and pounding the trails as an ultra-runner.


Paula Cayless

Paula is a Mortgage Broker and  property investor which means she know all about BTL properties and helps investors every day to successfully apply for mortgages  that will help them achieve the aims and cash flow required. Paula is a regular at PEN Wiltshire and we are very lucky to have such a professional and experienced broker along to help everyone. Book your seat below: